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"N" series -non wipe gel colors-

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This is a great product that does not require a base or top.


Don't use base or top

Gel nails have an exquisite color that cannot be found in manicures.

Of course, as the normal color

Can also be used with base and top.

*When used alone, the durability is inferior to when used together with base and top, so if you want it to last longer, we recommend using base and top together.
*Since it is a gel, curing with light and turning it off is required.

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Contents: 7g
Reference curing time: UV60 seconds/LED30 seconds
made in Japan
Cosmetics manufacturing and sales notification completed

*Precautions for use

When used in combination with a product that contains acid in the base gel, the color development of the pigment may be affected by the acid contained in the uncured gel. Apply color gel after completely curing the base gel, and be careful not to mix the uncured gel and color gel.